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How it works?

Step by step instruction how to get your robot back in good working order .

Welcome to SoCalRobotRepair. Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services that we provide.

1. To get started, you need to order our FREE IN-HOME OR OFFICE PICK UP or FREE SHIPPING of your vacubot and its FREE DIAGNOSTIC&ESTIMATE. To do this, please provide your robot's details, a description of the issue and YOUR PHONE NUMBER in the form below on this page or on HOME page of this website.

2. Shortly after, we will contact you by phone or by the e-mail address you provided in the form to make an appointment for picking up the device or to provide you a PREPAID UPS LABEL to send it  to us. You can request a picking up appointment for any publicly accessible address in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County in the State of California (exclusions applied). For FREE SHIPPING you can provide us any postal address in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii). Upon receiving of a PREPAID UPS LABEL you need just drop your robot with charging base (if any) off to the nearest UPS location or to UPS truck driver. Don't forget to pack your robot and charging base properly to avoid its damage during transportation. 

3. Shortly after receiving  (usually in one business day), we diagnose your vacubot and estimate the cost of repairs including spare parts needed. Our services have fixed prices but the cost of spare parts can vary depending on the type of repair.

4. YOU make a decision about the next step – whether we repair your robot, return it back to you or recycle it.

5. If YOU decide to proceed with the repairs, we ask you to pay for work and spare parts. We'll send you  an invoice with full description of works and parts required to get your robot back to work. The invoice has a button to conveniently pay it online with credit/debit  card. If you decide to cancel the repair, we can send or bring the robot back to you or recycle it by your desire.

6. After receiving payment, we carry out all necessary actions to repair your robot.

7. After the robot is fixed and ready to continue its dusty work, we contact you to make an appointment for dropping off your device or just send it back to you FOR FREE. 

8. You will reunite with your device  soon after.

Don't hesitate to contact us during the repair of your robot if you have any questions.

We provide a 30-day warranty on our work and spare parts supplied. In the case of a recall, we don't charge you for picking up and return of your device.

We take no responsibility for any new damage occurring during usage of a robot after our repairs are completed.


Thanks for submitting!

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